Air Force Utilities Billing Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, so we wanted to provide answers for a few of the ones frequently asked.


Q. How many AF projects have gone to billing?

A. 22 total with 12 in live billing, 10 are in mock billing. Andrews will be 23.


Q. How many joint bases?

A. 3 with the title and 2 without


Q. How has this program affected resident utility consumption?

A. To date, the program mandated by the DoD has shown an 18-20% decrease in utility consumption across the board.


Q: How does this program work?

A: An appropriate utility allowance or baseline for utilities is established for like houses. A 6 month period called Mock Billing is done during which time you will receive information regarding your consumption and costs as compared to the utility allowance appropriate for your home. During Mock Billing you will not be responsible for paying any overages nor will you receive payments or rebates (refunds) for savings. Following the Mock Billing period, actual LIVE billing will commence. Once Live Billing begins, if you conserve you will have the opportunity to receive a payment or credit; if you do not conserve you will be required to pay for excess consumption. The utilities consumption allowance are reviewed annually There is a rebate program that will allow you to roll savings from month to month in order to minimize the risk of paying out of pocket for gas and electric.


Q. We have three children in our family and live in a 3-BR home. Many of our neighbors do not have children. Will the monthly usage average for our like-type group be skewed?


A. The Utilities program does not use occupant count in the Utility Allowance calculation. However, there is a 10% buffer added to the average to allow for any anomalies in the usage. These anomalies can range from extra appliances, holiday seasons, occupants, etc. We will provide more information to you over the next few weeks.