Apply Now – HEAT

  1. Air Force Active-Duty Personnel Assigned to Local Area and their families (including Reservists called to Active Duty Status/Title10
  2. Unaccompanied Personnel, and other Active-Duty Service Members not assigned to Joint Base Andrews)
  3. National Guard and Reserve Members and their families (note: a Reservist who fulfills the military obligation on weekend does not receive BAH and shall be categorized as a Federal Civil Service Employees for rent purposes)
  4. Federal Civil Service Employees and their families (General Schedule – GS or Wage Grade – WG)
  5. Retired Uniformed Service Members / Retired Civil Service Employees and their families (GS or WG)
  6. Permanent Employees of DoD Contractors (limited to US citizens)

Military Housing Office (MHO) Application Requirements:

Please go to website and locate the logo/link to HEAT on the left-hand margin of the page. Click the HEAT logo, follow the prompts and fill in the information about yourself.

Please note:

  1. In order to be referred by the MHO to Liberty Park you must agree to share your PII.
  2. The “sponsor” is you, the active duty member, NOT the point of contact at your new duty location.
  3. If you are coming from a Joint Base with the Navy/Army lead service, your current duty location will be found under Navy/Army, not Air Force.
  4. The site is public, so you can accomplish using your phone, tablet, personal or work computer.
  5. This site is connected to DEERS and uses your DoD ID# to validate your information.
  6. Retired Civil Service Employees must use HEAT as well in order to be referred to a Resident Specialist.

In addition to the HEAT process above if you are applying for privatized housing you also need to fill out AF Form 4422 and the Government Paid Move & NTS Policy  and email along with additional documents listed below to the MHO (Subject Line: (Last Name) Housing Application).  Once the MHO receives all required documents they will refer your information to Liberty Park at Andrews.  Liberty Park will contact you for additional documents and once received will place you on the appropriate waitlist.

  1. Active-Duty Personnel – Copy of Orders
  2. National Guard and Reserve Members – Orders of documentation showing unit attachment.
  3. Federal Civil Service Employees – Proof of employment
  4. Retired Uniformed Service Members – Copy of DD 214
  5. Retired Civil Service Employee – Copy of SF 50
  6. Permanent Employees of DoD Contractors – Proof of Employment
  7. Other Eligible Tenants are required to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee.

JBA Military Housing Office (MHO)

2097 San Antonio Blvd

Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762


What Happens Next?

Once Liberty Park at Andrews receives your application, a Resident Specialist will let you know that you have been placed on a waitlist that fit your housing needs and will contact you at least 30 days prior to the move-in date you put on the application. To check to see where you are on the waitlist, you can go to the waitlist tab in the top right hand corner, input your Social Security Number and see exactly where you are on the list.