Back to School Time

It’s hard to believe it’s about that time to start planning for sending children back to school. Below are some helpful tips to make your school planning easier:

  • Schedule doctor appointments now so that any health related issues your children may have are handled prior to the first day of school. Copy current shot records to ensure that the school has the most current information.
  •  Check the school’s web page to get important information: the first day of school, meet the teacher nights, extracurricular meetings, and supply lists to name a few. Buying supplies early will help hold down costs and having back packs stocked up in advance makes the first day of school easier.
  •  If this is your first year at Andrews, visit the schools with your children prior to the first day. Call ahead to ensure that it is a good time for you and your children to at least see the buildings and grounds. Often, the schools will allow you and your children to meet the teachers and locate classrooms, lockers, etc., prior to the first day if you are new to the school system.
  • Get back on a typical school schedule. Re-establishing school bedtimes and meal times at least 1 week before school starts helps get children back on a solid routine. Talking with your children about the need for being rested and ready for school helps prepare them for those important and often stressful first few weeks of school. Re-establishing places to do homework and store backpacks and lunch boxes makes the first few weeks go smoothly.
  • Minimize school shopping woes. Children can wear summer clothes for the first month of school. Often the only real early need children may have is a new pair of shoes and back pack.

Some helpful resources for parents:


Going back to school should be a fun time for children and parents. Using all resources available will help provide a positive experience for everyone.