JBA Weekly Events for January 27-February 2, 2017

Weekly Events at JBA (27 Jan – 02 Feb)

“Have your voice heard; go to the Dragon’s Lair and provide your opinion, questions or inputs directly to the 11th Wing’s Commander, “Dragon”.  Questions will be answered by Dragon directly.”


**DISCLAIMER: The “Dragon’s Lair” forum is only accessible via government computers.**

Have a suggestion to improve the quality of life at JBA?

The Quality of Life Communication feedback tool will help get your ideas to base leadership, click the QOLCOMM link above.


For more information, please click on the following link: http://www.jba.af.mil/About-Us/LiveSafe

View Weekly Flyers 27 Jan – 02 Feb for More Info on The Following:

JBA Blood Drive 

Flu Shot 

Diabetes Self-Management Education Class

Library Game Club

Marriage Check-up


**West Gate Closure** Please Be Advised

The West Gate (aka Jones Gate) is closed to inbound/outbound vehicle traffic, and will remain closed to vehicle traffic until the Allentown Road paving project resumes in Spring 2017; however, the gate will remain open to pedestrian-only traffic from 0600-1800 Mon-Fri.

BACKGROUND:  Prior to April 2016, the West Gate was a pedestrian-only gate manned to allow bus riders access to the installation.  The West Gate is not designated as a primary vehicle access gate and was opened for vehicle traffic in April 2016 to alleviate traffic congestion near the Main Gate while the Allentown Road paving project was in progress.

**For Your Information: Conversion of IBM Lotus Forms to PDF** Please Be Advised

Effective March 2017, the Air Force is transitioning from IBM Lotus forms (.xfdl format) to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). The conversion process of IBM Lotus Forms to the pdf format for documents stored in the Automated Records Management System and viewed through Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA) has been initiated and is currently underway. It is imperative that customers utilize the most current version of forms listed on Air Force e-Publishing.

  Andrews Theater is now showing movies Movie Link

**DISCLAIMER: In order for the “Movie Link” to work properly, please have your internet browser open**

**Andrews Theater will be closed for renovations until 10 Feb 2017 **

11 Feb 17: Moana (PG) 1400

11 Feb 17: Hidden Figures (PG-13) 1900
12 Feb 17: Sing (PG) 1400

FSS Events

For more information about the FSS Events below, check out our website to view our Force Support Squadron’s Spotlight Magazine.

Military Personnel Section 301-981-1776  
1 February 2017– MPS NEW appointment program
70 appointments daily, please go to https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil to schedule your appointment. Walk-ins are still welcome on a first come first serve basis (Active Duty personnel in uniform have priority) – Flyer

The Club at Andrews 301-568-3100
3 February – 1500-1700: First Friday in Tatum’s Lounge
Taco Tuesday now at The Club on Tuesdays during lunch! – Flyer

Community Commons 301-981-4041
5 February – 1400-2400: Airmen Super Bowl Watch Party at The Landing Zone – Flyer

Information, Tickets and Tours 301-981-4041
Whitetail, Liberty Mountain, and Roundtop Lift Tickets, Disney on Ice, and Monster Jam – Flyer
Want to be in the know for fun ITT activities? Join the ITT mailer list by emailing ittjba042015@gmail.com

Fitness Centers 301-981-7101
23-27 January – Biggest Loser Weigh Ins – Flyer
26 January – 1630: 4th Annual JBA Powerlifting Meet – Flyer
Get Fit, Stay Fit Incentive Program – Flyer
Sign-up for 24/7 Fitness – Flyer

Outdoor Recreation 301-981-4109/5663
2017 Ski Trips – Flyer
Update: Liberty Mountain Trip on 21 January is now open to the Base Wide Community.
Library 301-981-6454
27 January – 1130-1230: Lunch and Learn: Handwriting Analysis – Flyer
February is Library Lovers Month! Stop by to fill out a heart to decorate our wall!

The Courses at Andrews 301-981-4653
5 February – 1700-2200: Super Bowl Party – Flyer: Reservations Required

Youth 301-981-5636 and CDC 301-981-3055
Parents Time Out 2017 Schedule – Flyer

Military & Family Support Center 301-981-7087
January/February Briefing Schedule

Blended Retirement System Workshop: Unit Focused Workshops Available – Flyer

Check out the Force Support Squadron’s website and FSS Facebook to see what other upcoming events they have scheduled.

Liberty Park:

January 26th- Pop-Up Hot Chocolate from 1400-1600 at the Housing Welcome Center

February 11th – Valentine Dance from 1700-2000 at the Base Community Commons

Ya-Ya Gumbo Hours of Operation:

M-F                 0600-2030

Sat-Sun           0730-1600


Check out the Force Support Squadron’s website and FSS Facebook to see what other upcoming events they have scheduled.