May Reminders

-As the weather is getting warmer, more children will be playing outside, riding their bicycles and just enjoying the outdoors. Be aware that the speed limit in residential areas is 15 mph unless otherwise noted. Please be cautious, slow down when driving through the neighborhoods and watch for children playing.

-Trash and recycling containers should be removed from the curbside on collection days no later than 6:00pm and stored in areas not visible from the front of the property.

-Any trash, litter or debris should be removed from your yard. Be mindful of any blowing trash in housing areas. Regardless of whose trash is loose, please do your part to maintain your neighborhood and dispose of it properly.

-Items such as bicycles, toys, carts, etc. should be stored in garages, carports or other areas not visible from the front of the property.

-If you have a fenced in yard, you are responsible for weekly mowing, edging and maintaining the grass within the fenced-in backyard. Refer to Section 1.H. Resident Responsibilities of your Resident Guideline and Community Handbook for further information.

-Quiet hour is the time of day that noise levels (music, televisions and parties) are curtailed so that all Residents will enjoy the use of the premises in a manner that does not disturb others or create a public nuisance.” Quiet hour corresponds with curfew and is as follows: Sunday-Thursday: 10pm – 5am and Friday, Saturday and Federal Holidays – Midnight -5am