Michaels Education Foundation

Get the cash you need for your education through Michaels! 
Now in its thirty-second year, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation is inviting residents from Michaels’ military and affordable communities to apply for this distinguished honor. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors who are pursuing some form of higher education at a college, trade/professional school, or institute. With plans to award $1 million worth of grants in June, 2022, The Foundation is eager to help play a part in making educational dreams come true.
Since 1991, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation has been a privately funded, non-profit educational organization that was created to assist high school graduates living in Michaels properties throughout the nation. From its inception, The Foundation has awarded in excess of $11 million to students across the portfolio of communities across the country. During last year’s scholarship season, a record-breaking $1.5 million was granted to students.
Affordable and military residents in good academic standing must have applications postmarked by April 15, 2022. Awards will be announced in June. For more important dates, see below. The application is posted online here and should be downloaded, completed, and mailed to: Dr. Bruce W. Johnson, The Michaels Organization Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 90708, Camden, NJ 08101.
February 3, 2022: Application forms available at all offices of The Michaels.
March 5, 2022: Suggested deadline for college students to request grade transcripts from their registrars in order to assure that part of the application will be received by the Foundation prior to April 15, 2022.
April 15, 2022: FINAL DEADLINE for all parts of the application for a 2022 The Michaels Educational Foundation Grant. Mail the application form, references, essay and grade transcripts to Dr. Bruce W. Johnson, The Michaels Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 90708, Camden, NJ 08101.
June 10, 2022: All applicants notified of the outcome status of their application.
June 25, 2022: Acceptance forms must be returned by this date if grant recipients wish to accept the offer of a scholarship. Grants not accepted by this date will be awarded to other applicants.
August 8, 2022: Scholarship checks, made payable to post-secondary institutions, will be mailed via U.S. mail directly to the post-secondary institution on behalf of the scholarship recipient to help pay for the student’s 2022-23 school year costs.
Any and all questions should be directed to bjohnson@tmo.com or cgower@tmo.com.