New Mask Guidelines!

As of 2 March 2022, personnel on Joint Base Andrews are no longer required to wear masks based on the current local COVID conditions. According to new CDC guidelines, counties are labeled as Low, Medium or High “COVID-19 Community Levels,” and Prince George’s County is classified as low!
There are a few exceptions to this policy —
1. All persons visiting the AFMS-Andrews-316th Medical Group and all medical personnel assigned the 316 MDG will continue to follow applicable Defense Health Agency mandates and requirements.
2. Masks are required for all personnel, visitors, and children two years and older at Child and Youth Programs while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This is subject to change based on availability of vaccines to younger age groups, CDC guidance, and Child and Youth Programs immunization guidance.
3. Imagine Andrews Public Charter School will follow mask guidance from the Prince George’s County School District.
4. Persons who develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the workday, test positive for COVID-19, or who are exposed to COVID-19 through close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 person will wear a mask in accordance with CDC guidance.
Regardless of the COVID-19 Community Level, individuals always have the option to wear a mask and will be treated with dignity and respect. Please be patient as facilities on JBA update our signs and adapt to the new policy.
This policy will remain in place as long as the Prince George’s County does not reach “High Community Levels” by the CDC. Response to local conditions may require periodic Health Protection Condition (HPCON) and mask-wear policy adjustments, in the same way that ever-changing threats necessitate Force Protection Condition (FPCON) adjustments.
To learn more about how the CDC defines Low, Medium, or High Community Levels, please visit…/201…/science/community-levels.html.
To check daily COVID-19 Community Levels by county, please visit…/your-health/covid-by-county.html.