Summer Energy Conservation Tips

Replace your air filters regularly at least once per month. The maintenance office will be happy to provide you with filters and show you how to replace them.

Set your thermostat to 78 degrees during the hot months. If you are going to be on vacation, set your thermostat at 82 degrees.

Close your blinds especially on the east and west sides of your home to keep the heat out. If no one is home, close all your blinds and curtains to keep the cool in.

Try using cool water and cool water detergents for washing clothes.

Set your dish washer to air dry.

Grill out instead of using your oven. This will help keep heat out of your home and is a great summer activity.


Did you know there are probably at least 10 items in your home from cell phone chargers to game consoles that use electricity even when they are not in use? These items can use up to one month’s electricity in a year. Do a quick walk through of your home and count the cell phone charges, computers, game consoles etc., that are in standby mode using power. Making this a family activity during the summer is a great way to gain the buy-in of all family members in your energy saving efforts.


Smart Power Strips are a great solution for energy savings and protecting expensive electronics. A Smart Strip will turn components off (like your plasma TV) but keep your DVR running so you can still record episodes of your favorite shows. The strips also provide surge protection and even insurance for electronics if they were to be damaged in a power surge. A Smart Strip will pay for itself in no time. If you have any concerns about items you may have in your home that might cause you to go over your monthly electric utility allowance, our maintenance team is trained to do energy audits in your home. Please call to schedule an audit and we will be happy to come out