Summer Reminders

-Small wading pools that allow no more than 18 inches of water and are no larger than 8 feet in diameter are permitted. Pools are not to be placed in the front of the home: they must be placed in the back of the home or on the side if there is no backyard. They must be drained each night and resident assumes all liability. The lawn must be restored to original condition when the pool is removed.

-The safety of all residents and their guests is of utmost importance. Because of the possibility for serious injuries to occur, trampolines are NOT permitted.

-Please remember to be a thoughtful pet owner and clean up after your pet. Your cooperation is essential to keep the community pleasant. Also, all pets MUST be on a leash when outside and cats are not allowed to roam the community.

-The grass cutting season is underway. To help ensure the landscaping company can perform their job smoothly, please remember to clean up all yard toys, garden hoses and any other personal property. If these items are not removed, the grass will not be mowed. You will be responsible for trimming the grass under your patio furniture if it has not been moved. Remember that if you have a fenced in backyard, you are responsible for cutting the grass, trimming along the fence line and weeding within the fenced area. If you do not have a lawnmower or weed eater, you may check one out at the maintenance office at no cost.

-In an effort to keep the President’s base looking Presidential, we require our residents to keep their flowerbeds weed free and mulched. The flowerbeds are all the mulched beds in front, the back and the side of your home. We have begun issuing warning citations to non-compliant homes.